Monday, February 14, 2011

I received a nice surprise from Carol Parcell yesterday. Her blog is one that I follow because I like her stamping style and because she posts both cards and scrapbook pages. Her post yesterday was about how she was nominated for the Liebster award.

This is an award given to bring new blogs to light. It is a great way to share blogs that might not otherwise be seen or ones that you want to share with others. I was so happy for her and as I continued reading saw that recipients of this award must share the love and pay it forward by: 1. Creating a post about the award and and reveal 3-5 blogs chosen to receive the award 2. Let the honorees know that they have been selected 3. Copy and paste the award on her blog Was I ever surprised to see my blog listed as one she had chosen! When I checked my email, there was a sweet message from her notifying me of the nomination. Thank you so much, Carol. I'm so pleased and honored to be chosen. Here are my three nominations for the Liebster Award:

I'm always inspired by the work of these three stampers and hope you will visit their blogs to see for yourself.

Thanks again, Carol, for nominating me. You made my day!

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Carol said...

You're quite welcome, Veronica. I really do enjoy your work, so it was an easy choice to make.